About Us

DND. Technologies Ltd. was founded in 2009.
The company markets a wide range of products and technologies to the medical and cosmetic market in Israel. Among its clients are hospitals, health funds, aesthetic networks, plastic doctors, dermatologists and cosmetologists.

DNA Technologies is committed to promoting business activity while maintaining professional service at the highest standards, by investing the resources required to introduce innovative technology into the market. The service and support personnel undergo training in Israel and abroad in order to provide optimal support to the customer in the operation of the medical equipment after its installation.

DND. Technologies strives to continue to be among the leading medical device companies in Israel while maintaining strict professional and ethical standards in our relations with our customers, employees and business partners.

DND. Technologies in collaboration with leading international companies that comply with international standards FDA, CE takes care to keep up-to-date and bring to the Israeli market the best of the latest technologies while ensuring the quality and reliability.

The Team

Efi Zehavi

Head of Medical Division

Rami Dagim

Head of Aesthetic Division

Hadar Izhaki

Office Manager

Alice Klein

Director of Training

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